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Business wins 100.000 USD in the Comet Competition

We are thrilled to announce that your favorite AI bot platform: is the award …


L’art de la conversation à la portée des robots multilingues

Les chatbots fonctionnent depuis bien des années. Toutefois, ils ne disposent que d’un répertoire limité de réponses préétablies…


Chatlayer bouwt intelligente chat- en voicebots

Chatbots zijn razend populair. Toch is de ene chatbot de andere niet. Startup Chatlayer maakte …

Company news

“De ironie is: hoe meer we gesprekken gaan robotiseren, hoe menselijker ze worden”

Dit stuk is een samenwerking tussen Bloovi Studio & Chatlayer Artificiële intelligentie en spraaktechnologie zullen onze manier van …


For your AIs only – how we test our NLU

For your AIs only*. How we test our Natural Language Understanding  *Read as: for your …

Building Big Chatbots

We want to share 10 lessons with you that we have learned from our experience with large and complex chatbots for market leaders across several industries (insurance, banking, telco, …).

Bot building timeline

Technological trends itself are no guarantee to success. You also need to find the right use case.
Based on user-centric approach, different criteria and questions in our chatbot canvas, we are able to find the best objective of your virtual agent and to define some key performance indicators on how to measure ROI.

Download our chatbot canvas

We define the different profiles and teams, collaborating on the project. The different tasks and milestones on our bot building timeline can then be assigned to those teams.

The timeline clearly shows our objectives for each step in the process.

Choosing the right AI bot platform -

7 things to consider.

This whitepaper outlines the things to consider to choose the right AI botplatform for your organization. To help you on your way, it includes a checklist for the selection process in your organization.

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