Conversational agents built for enterprises

A.I. driven enterprise platform for end-to-end conversational user engagement

Why Chatlayer?

Chatlayer has been built on years of experience serving some
of the world's largest enterprises in their conversational channel rollout.

Best in class Natural Language Understanding

Our Deep Learning algorithms make sure human conversations, text or speech, are correctly understood and replied to in a relevant and personal manner.

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Build, manage and improve conversations

Reduce dependencies on costly resource constraints, and take end-to-end control of the conversational channel in a compliant, secure and agile manner.

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Advanced audience engagement

Choose a mature platform that is capable of supporting your long-term strategy on conversational engagement, and go beyond the short-term chatbot hype.

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Interested in why enterprises are trusting Chatlayer to build their
conversational interactions?

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Serve millions of conversations

Chatlayer enables enterprises to build a mature and robust conversational
agent solution that can be used by both business and technical users.

Powerful Dialog Designer

Build complex multi-language flows in an easy-to-use interface. Use one interface to manage complex NLU driven chats, REST API integration flows, or simple clickbots.

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Simply flip the switch to push the conversation to popular channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Google Home, telephone, or any custom channel, using our SDK and API, without changing your flows.

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Deep system integration

Integrate your existing solutions in order to keep your conversational agents up-to-date with your organization’s fast changing information flows.

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Human handoff

Let your chatbot take over the first support line by helping to guide customers to the right support agent.

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Use cases

Learn how a European Bank reduced their support cost by automating the responses to questions about their financial products.

Accidentally dropped your credit card in the toilet? Wondering what the cost is when you withdraw 100 US$ in New York? Or simply want to know how to apply for a debit card? Those questions, and many more, are now being handled automatically and 24/7, through the Chatlayer platform. For managing hundreds of thousands of expressions, and thousands of flows in both Dutch and French, a scalable and user-friendly management interface was required. Chatlayer not only delivered on that promise, but was also paired with Chatlayer’s Support Agent Platform. The conversation thread is handed over to one of the dozens of human support agents when the NLU engine encounters a question it can't automatically answer on its own.

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A national Telco increased conversion of their products using a web-based Chatbot
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A European Energy Provider uses A.I. to support their clients during their moving process
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A national Cable Provider increases media consumption through a Facebook Messenger bot
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How not to do AI

Why the Proof of Concept is the enemy of AI, and a better way to introduce AI in your company.

Canning the Can't

Fun with homonyms and word vectors, how can our bots understand sentences like "Thanks for not answering, genius!"

Why Chatlayer?

Chatlayer has been built on years of experience serving some of the world's largest enterprises in their conversational channel rollout.