Telenet Mr. More

A national Cable Provider increased media consumption using a Web-based Chatbot

Our certified Integration Partner, TBWA, chose Chatlayer to build a chatbot that provides users with personalized movie and series recommendations. Integrated with a recommender engine, consumers now have a Facebook Messenger channel where they can search for and discover relevant content. Don’t know what to watch? The answer is just a few taps away.

Push notifications

Increase customer engagement

Deliver a proactive service by sending relevant in-channel notifications keeping your users engaged and informed at all time.

Mr. More’s conversion rate is 20 times higher than other digital channels.

Entity extraction & mapping

Managing conversations in both Dutch and French

If you want to watch a movie within a specific genre, Mr. More has got you covered. Using entity extraction and mapping, Chatlayer determines the genre that you want to see tonight.

Through an integration with Telenet’s online movie platform Yelo, you can immediately start watching the movie by pressing on a link in the app.

Telenet Mr. More

Improving customer service

  • Deep integration
  • Recommender Engine
  • Push notifications
  • Multiple flows

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