Proximus is the #1 Telco of Belgium
Proximus offers a wide range of services like: Internet, TV, Mobile, Telephone and IT services for businesses. Proximus services over 4 million customers and has EUR 5.5Bn in yearly revenues. It is active also in Luxembourg (Tango, Telindus) and abroad through BICS. ​


Titus  is a sales chatbot on the Proximus website that helps customers with configuring their subscription pack. Proximus has many choices when it comes to subscription packs. Before the chatbot, there were too many choices and customers dropped off because the process was not clear enough. The Titus chatbot helps customers with configuring it in a very successful way: there is less drop-off and a higher conversion rate.

We were able to increase webshop orders by 120% thanks to salesbot Titus


SAM is a customer support chatbot for troubleshooting internet or television problems. SAM enables users to do basic troubleshooting fully autonomously, including performing a “line test” to check connectivity with the modem. This used to require manual intervention from a call center agent. After performing these steps, an agent wins an average of 10-15 minutes per customer interaction, a drastic improvement with a huge ROI.

Chatbot SAM wins an average of 10-15 minutes per customer interaction,  a drastic improvement with a huge ROI


Yoda is a virtual assistant serving Proximus’ 10,000+ employees. He can provide information on hundreds HR-related topics, including salary, vacation, company car… Yoda ensures employees quick answers to information that is otherwise difficult to find. This results in fewer tickets with basic questions to HR, so HR teams can free up more time for complex, personal matters.
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