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A national Telco increased conversion of their products using a Web-based Chatbot

Chatlayer was selected as the technology stack to enable organization-wide conversational capability at Proximus. The first use case was a web-based chatbot that helps web users navigate among the numerous options to quickly find the subscription most suitable to their needs. Using a mix of stylish UI components and NLP in Dutch and French, a conversion increase of 122% was achieved within the first two months after the public release. Regular training and human handover are parts of the continuous improvement that ensures a seamless user experience.

Working close with the sales team

Human handover to improve customer experience

Chatlayer integrated with the existing customer engagement solution that was already in place at Proximus. This integration ensured a smooth handover of conversations towards sales agents when needed. Whenever the NLU engine encounters a question it can’t automatically answer on its own or when the customer simply asks to speak to a human, the Proximus sales team is able to take over instantly to avoid waiting times or dead ends in a sales conversation.

Using a mix of stylish UI components and NLP, webshop orders with a connectivity pack increased by 122% within the first two months after the public release.
Valentin Bouttiau, Applied Digital Innovation Specialist at Proximus


Managing conversations in both Dutch and French

For managing hundreds of thousands of expressions, and thousands of flows in both Dutch and French, a scalable and user-friendly management interface was required.

Proximus Titus

Improving customer conversion

  • Multiple flows
  • Human handover
  • Multi-language
  • Custom UI

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