Business Insider Intelligence shows that already 50% of all internet users aged between 18 and 55 have interacted with chatbots. On top of that: 11% of millennials and 15% of generation X-ers explicitely indicate they would be happy to use chatbots all the time for this kind of communication.

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internet users (18-55) have interacted witch chatbots

new potential

Increase the quality of service and support while being cost-efficient

Chatlayer successfully introduced conversational AI within major telco support centers. It enriched our in-house expertise with specific business insights, allowing us to maximise fullfilment and to define & implement opportunities in customer-brand interaction.

Depending on the IT automation-level on the BSS and OSS side, the business case immediately delivers a high return (ROI) while improving customer satisfaction at the same time (NPS).

Handle incoming support questions with our voice- or chat-based conversational AI, and provide 24/7 incoming support at a fraction of the cost, while your customer service satisfaction increases.

Enable customers to initiate troubleshooting processes safely and directly (e.g. line checks, etc.), check real-time billing information, modify personal data and more. Our authentication integrations ensure legitimate user access.

Increase customer conversion and consumption​

Next to converting first time customers, our chatbots can be built for personalized up- and cross selling activities. One of our clients has increased sales with 122% within a month. In this case by the personalized recommendation of movies and series.

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increase of sales after introducing an intelligent sales-bot

Chatbots for telecom are also a new way of finding scattered information on your website. Instead of sifting through FAQ’s, customers can now engage to get the right answer immediately.

Fetching information

Telecom-operators are known for their almost tailor-made service. While this should be perceived as a high level of quality, it often results in customers feeling lost in options and possibilities. Now chatbots will support suppliers and potential clients to bring both to their optimal meeting spot. Where contracts are signed with a smile.

Introducing new business opportunities

Increase brand loyalty and general brand engagement with Chatlayer’s new products and B2B solutions.

A dedicated OEM version for Telco and ISP companies, is resalable to SME and Corporate clients. Conversational AI platforms have proven to be a valuable asset in an increasingly competitive B2B market.


Additionally, chatbots can be used for a variety of activities, such as onboarding processes for new personnel, registering holiday absences with an HR-chatbot etc. …

Our chatbot stack is increasingly used to improve the efficiency of internal processes by offering a low-barrier and omnipresent conversational channel.

Some of our customers have also been using our custom built technology for smart IVR systems, voicemail transcription and automation services.

Chatlayer’s Business Engineers are more than happy to discuss how we can be at your service and help shape new business opportunities.

Rick Van Esch

Rick Van Esch

This Business Strategy Genius leads a team of experts, available to assist you with the preparation of a successful AI-conversation deployment. Contact them to set up an Explorative workshop.

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Serious privacy,
you can trust

Security and compliance 

Servicing a growing number of large banks, we understand the need for a robust, comprehensive and multi-layer security strategy. Security and compliance are our highest priorities and result in a set of unique features and architectural product designs.
  • Technology stack and product features support the EU GDPR requirements.
  • Easy to deploy on-premise solutions or secured, dedicated cloud instances
  • Compliance and Data Loss Protection (DLP) functionality through Secure Fields
  • Advanced User Authentication integrations, such as SSO/2FA
  • Channel and intent based security management integrations
  • Multi-channel transfer authentication integrations

Improved Use Cases 

Insurers with a digital-savvy customer base can now offer seamless and personalized user experiences through conversational A.I. such as:


Lower support cost while offering real-time, automated, 24/7 inbound support


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Automated chat interface for end-to-end troubleshooting


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Employee support

Supporting interface for internal business processes


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Push notifications over messaging channels with new products, content, etc.


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Better sales conversion through personalized and easy subscription ordering


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Delphine Jacquemart

Delphine Jacquemart

To know more about how Chatlayer can support your telecommunications use case, get in touch with our business expert.

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Building Big Chatbots

We want to share 10 lessons with you that we have learned from our experience with large and complex chatbots for market leaders across several industries (insurance, banking, telco, …).

Bot building timeline

Technological trends itself are no guarantee to success. You also need to find the right use case.
Based on user-centric approach, different criteria and questions in our chatbot canvas, we are able to find the best objective of your virtual agent and to define some key performance indicators on how to measure ROI.

Download our chatbot canvas

We define the different profiles and teams, collaborating on the project. The different tasks and milestones on our bot building timeline can then be assigned to those teams.

The timeline clearly shows our objectives for each step in the process.

Choosing the right AI bot platform -

7 things to consider.

This whitepaper outlines the things to consider to choose the right AI botplatform for your organization. To help you on your way, it includes a checklist for the selection process in your organization.

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