Chatbots are a fast solution for companies to optimise their services. According to a Gartner study, 85% of customer relationships will be automated by 2020. A significant portion of this automation will take place in the insurance sector.

As more millennials are entering the job market, they have money to spend on the insurance market. Business Insider Intelligence claims millennials and generation X-ers are very satisfied with chatbot automated communication. 15% of them have indicated they would prefer using chatbots for all customer communication.

In that sense, chatbots are the ideal instrument to meet generation X and millennial client’s expectations.

Extending peace of mind

Reduce the cost and processing time of your claims with a chatbot, strengthened by Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

A virtual assistent.
Always. Everywhere.

Long documents, complex policies and tedious instructions, confuse customers and hold them back from buying an insurance product or filing a claim. Human-like interactions enable a smooth transaction. Chatlayer’s conversational stack serves as a virtual assistant in messaging apps on customer’s devices.

Cost reduction.
No compromises.

Automation in the insurance industry reduces the cost of a claims journey by as much as 30%.* We do expect a significant increase, as we are just at the beginning of the automation wave. In the shorter term, claim journey automation is an opportunity to improve core business profits and customer satisfaction.

*According to a McKinsey study

Increased performance.
Accurate measurement.

Improved service, faster response and processing times, drives profit through increased customer retention. At the same time, Robotic Process Automation and Automated Claim Processing technologies can increase customer lifetime value and launch new business models altogether.


Accurate, efficient and effective automation of claims require a natural, real-time interface for both customers and brokers. Chatlayer’s solutions are playing a unique role in this process.


Thanks to our multi-channel solutions on voice- and chat-based channels, tailored for both brokers and customers, the effects will become instantly measurable.

Authentic care. Automated.

Faster interaction with customers, straight-through-processing of claims, improved underwriting, and a natural chat interface, increases the feeling of being taken care of, improving brand loyalty at the same time. Our technology is right at the heart of this evolution.

Communication without doubts

Caretaking, and proactive communication in an age of risk prevention

Ever-increasing amounts of data and ever more penetrating insights are leading to an accurate pricing of risk, but they also help mitigate risk, reducing premiums.

Systems in our homes are capable of sending an alert when a security threat is detected, cut the water supply in case of flooding, or give maintenance warnings. Data from connected devices can be used to assess risk more accurately. But it is also a powerful tool to lower risk by preventing accidents to happen altogether.

The role of a full time insurance caretaker requires a 24/7 concierge approach. Virtual assistants are always present, ready to prevent accidents. These moments of interaction are key to delivering a personalised, right-time and real-time user experience.

Voice- and chat-based channels have been key in delivering proactive communications to your clients. Chatlayer builds stress proof chatbots, able to respond 24/7 to clients that have a claim to log. Our AI understands complex scenarios and responds accurately and appropriately. Chatlayer’s chatbots are the best partner for maximizing customer loyalty, lowering your support cost and to prepare you for a new digital era in insurance. 

Uncovering fraud using conversational AI at level of voice

Analyse interactions, identify customers and detect lies with AI.

Chatlayer’s technology stack is not only built for “smart IVR” and voice-driven intent-based navigation, but also to identify speakers and match customers with their profile, which reduces the risk of fraud. Human voices are as unique as fingerprints and can be used for authentication and identification.

Chatlayer’s advanced AI algorithms are capable of scoring a wide range of emotions and can be used to determine customer satisfaction, reduce churn by predicting at-risk customers, improve quality monitoring, and provide targeted coaching to support agents.

Finally, the Chatlayer technology stack and our specialized conversational AI and voice experts are increasingly being used for fraud detection by algorithms, capable of identifying stress levels in a person’s voice.

Assured security

Security and compliance 

Servicing a growing number of large banks, we understand the need for a robust, comprehensive and multi-layer security strategy. Security and compliance are our highest priorities and result in a set of unique features and architectural product designs.
  • Technology stack and product features support the EU GDPR requirements.
  • Easy to deploy on-premise solutions or secured, dedicated cloud instances
  • Compliance and Data Loss Protection (DLP) functionality through Secure Fields
  • Advanced User Authentication integrations, such as SSO/2FA
  • Channel and intent based security management integrations
  • Multi-channel transfer authentication integrations

Insurance use cases

Insurance providers can now offer seamless and personalized user experiences through conversational AI, with capabilities like:


craft personalized insurance policies and quotes for customers


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Response time

respond immediately to customer queries, process claims instantly


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On demand

give your customers the tools to choose which personal items to insure


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Data analysis

collect and analyze data from conversations, social media and third-party sources to improve coverage offerings


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Joachim Jonkers

Joachim Jonkers

To know more about how Chatlayer can support your insurance use case, get in touch with our product manager.

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Building Big Chatbots

We want to share 10 lessons with you that we have learned from our experience with large and complex chatbots for market leaders across several industries (insurance, banking, telco, …).

Bot building timeline

Technological trends itself are no guarantee to success. You also need to find the right use case.
Based on user-centric approach, different criteria and questions in our chatbot canvas, we are able to find the best objective of your virtual agent and to define some key performance indicators on how to measure ROI.

Download our chatbot canvas

We define the different profiles and teams, collaborating on the project. The different tasks and milestones on our bot building timeline can then be assigned to those teams.

The timeline clearly shows our objectives for each step in the process.

Choosing the right AI bot platform -

7 things to consider.

This whitepaper outlines the things to consider to choose the right AI botplatform for your organization. To help you on your way, it includes a checklist for the selection process in your organization.

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