Governments around the globe are exploiting technology on a massive scale to optimize the services they provide their citizens. Their investments have led to online and offline automation in favor of both citizens and governments. Despite this evolution, communicating with millions of country residents can still be quite a challenge. In order to bridge that communication gap, governments are on the verge of exploring new possibilities with artificial intelligence.

AI based chatbots are offering a frictionless communication experience between a growing number of governments and citizens. Conversational AI is an elegant way of establishing the ultimate proximity between them.



Process many service requests at once.


24 / 7 / 365 continuous access.


Obligatory and civil duties at a lower cost.

AI chatbots are helping governments to grow a better service image in the eyes of citizens.

earn trust and become a harbour

Bring trust to the citizen experience

Market studies have shown that live chat windows on a government website are being seen as an indicator of accessibility and efficiency. Their speed and helpfulness in response to queries and complaints, as well as their continuous availability, builds trust about the government’s competence (Especially on holidays and after hours).
  • Chatbots acting as a first point of contact, help human staff to focus on processing requests, implementing regulations, and improving infrastructure.
  • This reinforces the government’s image of a competent, proactive, and efficient organization.
  • Chatbots can serve as a reliable point of contact, providing citizens of the information they are seeking on a regular basis.

An efficient E-government

Any service, catering to a big market, requires an efficient and effective complaint resolution system. Government services like tax authorities, electricity boards, and motor vehicle departments, are no exception.

Users are bound to run into issues such as payment failures, forgotten passwords, or incorrect customer information. AI chatbots can help.

  • Governments can implement chatbots to solve these typical small user problems in a very short time.
  • Next to quick answers, users might need more complex information, such as: Tax info, licenses, certificates, personal records … Chatbots can guide them through the process.
  • Complaint resolution is another key consideration in government chatbot development. Ticket ID’s can be generated for each complaint or request. Chatbots can smoothen this complaint communication process.

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Internal workflow optimisation

Internal workflows are complex at civil administration level. Besides helping citizens, chatbots can also support government organizations from the inside.

Conversational AI and Natural Language Understanding are the adequate tools to assist in document processing.

They can also act as a user friendly interface on top of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

Chatbots enable officials to focus on citizens and their requests. And thanks to the built-in metrics, they have valuable data at hand to maximise quality in their support.

Navigate citizens through a complex maze of information

Government websites usually carry all the information citizens might need. Accessing it, is often quite a search.
It feeds the assumption that extracting tax or legal documents is a long and tedious process.
By building and using chatbots, government bodies can change this perception. Information on laws, regulations and public services can be parsed into a simple Q&A format and be dispensed to citizens right through the chat window.
Quick-access menu’s in a chat window can help finding popular information. This is a particularly convenient for information that gets updated on a regular basis: a city’s calendar, events or public holidays, for instance.

Improved Use Cases 

Internal workflow optimization

Support your government from the inside


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Navigate the information maze

Reduce complexity for your citizens


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