Technology is the key factor in delivering a superior customer experience.  Worldwide, consumer banks are leading the way in mapping client expectations, understanding their needs and offering a highly personalized client approach. Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven chatbots and analytics improve their efficiency, enhance the overall client experience and reduce costs.
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of all company-communications will be without human intervention by 2020

By 2020, consumers will be managing 85% of their communication with companies without human interaction. The use of mobile apps is expected to decrease, as 20% of brands will abandon them between 2019 and 2020. User Interfaces will take their place as a preferred mode of customer engagement.

Source: Gartner Customer 360 Summit

Reconnect with your customers

Chatbots increase retail banking loyalty

Continuous client proximity increases convenience and engagement. Being offered a possibility to connect, anytime and anywhere, clients will grow trust and confidence in your brand. By leveraging their mobile channel and pulling clients towards text- and voice-based channels, conversational AI enables banks to be to be closer to clients than ever before. 24/7.

Banks that maintain an outstanding customer relationship are deploying AI-powered intelligent chatbots and analytics to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall experience.

Increased product-conversion through personalized conversations 

The integration of Chatlayer’s conversational technology, enables banks to deliver personalized offers, products and services, leading to a higher conversion of banking products.

Tracking customer spending habits and analyzing credit card transactions, generates data that can be used to improve and personalize financial advice, only 1 chat away.

Send notifications, provide balance information, suggest ways to save money, provide credit support updates, help customers with simple transactions and analyze complex back-end contracts through intuitive user chat- and voice-based interfaces over Web, Messenger, Whatsapp and more.

Deep personalisation

Truly tailormade offers turn up- and cross-selling into a well received customer service.


The bot becomes a useful companion to the user during the decision-process to a purchase. At the same time it prevents unresponsible spending behaviour.

Two way communication

Create a bi-directional channel in which you can use push-notifications to initiate conversation.

Leverage new channels 

Chatlayer’s professional clients are using our conversational technology as a new channel, but also as an upgrade of their existing mobile channel.

Depending on their situation, your clients can now choose to retrieve their balance on a mobile channel or just ask Google Home. Perfect for catering your client’s needs and impulse-moments.

Support-agent assisting AI

brings cost reduction and employee engagement

The business case for introducing Chatlayer’s conversational AI is mostly based on a significant reduction of support costs, combined with improved and personalised client engagement, all of which are relevant in a Basel II and Basel III context.

Our technology also offers you the possibility to maximize human ROI by handling repetitive and mundane tasks. It allows your talented people to handle more complex support cases with a focus on adding value for your clients.

Solid enterprise-level security

Security and compliance 

Servicing a growing number of large banks, we understand the need for a robust, comprehensive and multi-layer security strategy. Security and compliance are our highest priorities and result in a set of unique features and architectural product designs.
  • Technology stack and product features support the EU GDPR requirements.
  • Easy to deploy on-premise solutions or secured, dedicated cloud instances
  • Compliance and Data Loss Protection (DLP) functionality through Secure Fields
  • Advanced User Authentication integrations, such as SSO/2FA
  • Channel and intent based security management integrations
  • Multi-channel transfer authentication integrations

Banking use cases

Retail and private banks can now offer seamless and personalized user experiences through conversational AI, with capabilities like:


Create conversation at self-service kiosks


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Inform clients about savings and direct them to an ATM nearby


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Suggest how to spend credit card reward points


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Help customers manage their spending behaviour


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Delphine Jacquemart

Delphine Jacquemart

To know more about how Chatlayer can support your banking use case, get in touch with our business expert.

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Building Big Chatbots

We want to share 10 lessons with you that we have learned from our experience with large and complex chatbots for market leaders across several industries (insurance, banking, telco, …).

Bot building timeline

Technological trends itself are no guarantee to success. You also need to find the right use case.
Based on user-centric approach, different criteria and questions in our chatbot canvas, we are able to find the best objective of your virtual agent and to define some key performance indicators on how to measure ROI.

Download our chatbot canvas

We define the different profiles and teams, collaborating on the project. The different tasks and milestones on our bot building timeline can then be assigned to those teams.

The timeline clearly shows our objectives for each step in the process.

Choosing the right AI bot platform -

7 things to consider.

This whitepaper outlines the things to consider to choose the right AI botplatform for your organization. To help you on your way, it includes a checklist for the selection process in your organization.

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