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A few examples of our added value

Belfius reduced their support cost by automatically answering questions about their financial products

Lost your credit card? Wondering what the cost is when you withdraw 100 US$ in New York? Or simply want to know how to apply for a debit card? These questions, and many more, are now being handled automatically and 24/7, through the Chatlayer platform.

Through Chatlayer's chatbot framework, Belfius has been able to speed up its development of the BBot chatbot drastically. The convenience of the technology enabled our internal teams to quickly start building with minimum training needed.

— Benoit Speybrouck, Head of Channel Infrastructure at Belfius

Building Big Chatbots

We want to share 10 lessons with you that we have learned from our experience with large and complex chatbots for market leaders across several industries (insurance, banking, telco, …).

Download our guide into building Big Chatbots for free.

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